Unlock icloud for free on iPhone, iPad and Watch permanent.

Add Someone to Group Chat

Recently, we shared with you the iOS tips covering how you can leave the group chat messaging for the Apple iPhone or the iPad. What we dint illustrate is how to add your friend, a colleague or even your close family members into an iMessage Group Chat. New technology in the marketplace indicates that Apples Latest iPhone […]

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Exit Group Text On iPhone And iPad

Your iPhone or iPad running iOS 12 comes with a special feature on the Messages Application. This feature lets you organize your friends into groups of interest and you can send messages to them at once. These group messages which include Group MMS, Group SMS, and Group iMessage, come in handy but sometimes can be […]

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Enable Developer Mode On iPhone And iPad

The options on developer mode seem to be privileged settings and hence only the persons who have the required knowledge can use these features. This is an assumption since the developer mode is not active by default on your iPhone or the iPad device that runs iOS. With know-how on operating these settings, you can […]

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