Add Someone to Group Chat

Recently, we shared with you the iOS tips covering how you can leave the group chat messaging for the Apple iPhone or the iPad. What we dint illustrate is how to add your friend, a colleague or even your close family members into an iMessage Group Chat. New technology in the marketplace indicates that Apples Latest iPhone and iPad running iOS 12 from Apple, offers a great way for the users to add new members to an existing iMessage Group Chat.

This can be done easily without having to put a lot of effort. The new method will cut down the number of steps you would have to go through. Most importantly, before you start using this method, note that the tutorial we are about to unleash only works for the Group Chats. Therefore, this will not work for the two parties conversations where you want to include a third person.

In addition, note that the Group Chat will have in its structure the iMessage users and not iMessage and the SMS users together. Thus, you will not be able to include the Android users in those Group Chats. The previous messages will not be viewable to the new members upon adding them. Therefore, these new members will only have access to the future messages.


Procedure for Adding New Members on iMessage Group Chat in Apples iOS 12

  1. Make sure that the Apple device is turned on and open the Messages App.
  2. Tap on the Group Chat thread and make sure it is the group where you need to add a participant.
  3. Click on the “Details” button located at the top of the mobile device
  4. Tap “Add Contact” and search for the contact you want to include in the Group chat. Once this is achieved successfully, tap on “Done”.


Therefore, with this tutorial, it is our hope that henceforth you will be able to increase your interaction levels. Share this guide with others.