Bypass iCloud Activation Lock

What is the iCloud Lock?

The iCloud Lock is a security feature of iOS and iPadOS.

The lock’s purpose is to protect your iPhone and its data if it is stolen or lost.

For example, it protects the iPhone and prevents it from being set up until the owner’s details, including the Apple ID password, are typed into the device. Without these security details, the device can’t be used by anyone but the original owner.

The lock is tied to another Apple security system called Find My iPhone which helps locate a missing device. Both Find My iPhone and the Lock are automatically enabled when a device is first set up.

The big challenge is when you buy a used device and find it is unusable due to it being iCloud locked.

Can the iCloud Lock be removed?

  1. The iCloud Lock can be bypassed
  2. Before you agree to buy a used device you should:
    • always check the device isn’t iCloud locked
    • check the device you’re about to buy hasn’t been logged as stolen on IMEI
  3. If you already bought the device it is pointless doing the checks I mentioned above but you can still bypass the iCloud lock:
    • If you want the quickest, easiest, and the most permanent solution you have to pay to have your device bypassed
    • You can unlock an iCloud locked device for free but only with the co-operation of the original owner or seller
    • You can also potentially have your device unlocked by Apple if you have the original receipt
    • Bypassing the iCloud lock using DNS can get you some functionality back
    • There are lots of scammers offering iCloud bypass systems so be careful when picking one

Ask the original owner to remove the iCloud Lock

The removal can be done remotely so they don’t need access to the device itself to do it. This is a completely free process that costs nothing to do.

  • Go to
  • Type in your Apple ID (email address) and password
  • Click the device you want to remove from your iCloud account found under ‘My Devices’.
  • Click the small X opposite the device name to remove it.
  • You will be asked to confirm the removal. Click Remove.

Congratulations – you managed to get an unlock iCloud for free.

Ask Apple to remove the iCloud Lock

Apple will unlock the Activation Lock on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple Watch in some circumstances. To do so, you need to prove:

  • You are the owner of the device – by showing your receipt.
  • Ownership has been transferred from the original owner to you.

Apple rates security and privacy very highly so unless they are 100% sure the device is yours they will not unlock it.