Screen Rotate On iPhone And iPad In iOS 12

If you own Apple iPhone or the Apple iPad that is running on iOS 12 and are concerned that the “Apple device with iOS 12 screen rotates or the accelerometer has stopped functioning”, this is the issue that we will tackle here. The issue occurs whenever the screen rotation is active and switched on.

Another serious issue encountered by the users of the iPhone or an iPad running iOS 12 encounters is the default camera displays images in an inverted way. The buttons on the iPhone and the iPad that use the iOS are therefore displayed upside down.


Procedure for Fixing Screen Rotation on Apple Devices running iOS 12 

Screen rotation not functioning on Apple iOS 12 devices can be solved through various approaches. The first solution is an Apple Hard Reset. Another great approach is checking if the screen lock option has been disabled. Here are the steps to let you unlock portrait orientation lock feature.

  1. Switch on the Apple device
  2. Swipe from the bottom upwards on the screen to the top of the homepage
  3. Tap the lock icon located on the topmost corner on the screen.
  4. This allows you to change the orientation of the screen. Hence, screen rotation will now function in the right way.


Resetting the phone to the factory default settings will apply in case the wireless carrier is switched off the choice of having service screen access. The problem should be checked by the service provider before you try the above method. This is because the service provider might have a solution for the issue at hand.

Giving a slight nudge to your phone is also another option that you will have. However, this is not recommended and involves risk taking. A hard reset remains the best approach for dealing with the issue. Remember that a hard reset will erase all the apps, the settings, and the data on your device. Hence a backup is needed and can be accessed through navigating to settings and tapping on the Backup and Reset option. Here is the guide on how to perform a hard reset.